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Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Ocracoke Island Realty Photo Contest!

We would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who participated in making our contest a great success! The many photos submitted captured the beauty, precious memories and good times experienced on Ocracoke. 

Quinton Sheffield

Grand Prize Winner | Photo by Quinton Sheffield

Donna Ozburn 

Category Winner | Adventure and Activities | Yak May 2017 by Donna Ozburn of Fairview, WV

 Donna Divietro

Category Winner | Around the Village | Coyote Music Den by Donna Divietro

of Delray Beach, FL

  Angel Ranzaddo

Category Winner | Artistic Expression | Line of Vision by Angel Ranzaddo of Mooresville, NC


Sean Markham

Category Winner | Beach Scene | Reel by Sean Markham of Charleston, SC

Christy Moses

Category Winner | Black and White 

Books and Beach, Doesn't Get Much Better Than This by Christy Moses

Nicky Hatch

Category Winner | Children | Granddaughter Loving Ocracoke by Nicky Hatch

Bob Fescemyer

Category Winner | Ocracoke Landmarks 

Ocracoke Lighthouse by Bob Fescemyerof Glassport, PA

Chelsea Gibbs Miller

Category Winner | Pets | Buddy at Sunset by Chelsea Gibbs Miller of Beaufort, NC

John Saunders

Category Winner | Sunrise 

Leaving Oyster Creek At Sunrise by John Saunders of Gastonia, SC

David Ruhf

Category Winner | Sunset 

Schooner Windfall II Under The Sunset by David Ruhf of Bethlehem, PA

Val Engel

Category Winner | Wildlife 

Yellow Crowned Night Heron Near Teach's Hole by Val Engel of Raleigh, NC