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5 Dec 2016
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In May, a Burlington, NC, couple, Joe and Rebekah Davis, were delighted when notified they had won a week on Ocracoke Island, the southernmost island of the Outer Banks, NC. The owners of the beautiful and historic "Blue Harbor" vacation rental cottage had graciously donated the week for the promotion.

"I had forgotten all about entering the contest," explained Rebekah, who had discovered the contest while staying on the island in April. She'd been on the island for a teachers' conference; the same gathering that first brought her to the Island 12 years ago. "At that time, I came back and told Joe that we really needed to bring the kids here."

The Davises began their trip making themselves at home in "Blue Harbor," Ocracoke Island Realty's historic, harbor front cottage. Beautifully restored and furnished, the property is fully stocked with everything needed for a memorable family getaway. The couple's two children, ages 12 and 15, joined them, along with both sets of grandparents. With a multigenerational family of eight residing in the spacious, six-bedroom cottage, they still had a bedroom to spare. "It was a fabulous house!" Joe marveled. "There were plenty of spaces where the family could gather together or we could also break up and have room to ourselves."

Ocracoke Harbor View

"The view over the harbor was incredible. I love the big windows!" admired Rebekah. "We saw the fishing fleet going out, ferries coming in, and I did a lot of bird-watching out on the dock." Equipped with binoculars and an Outer Banks Audubon guide, she and her son loved leisurely checking off bird-sightings on their list. Among the many comforts and amenities "Blue Harbor" offers, the Davises were especially thrilled with the private pool. Rebekah was also particularly pleased that they were able to make most of their meals there thanks to ample cookware in the home.

In addition to the cottage rental, the Davises' prize package also included bike rentals from Beach Outfitters. Everyone had fun riding around the village on two wheels, which Joe observed was often more convenient than using the car. The group was also awarded $100 in local restaurant vouchers.

Each family member may recall a different activity if asked to name a favorite from the vacation. For their son, it was the day they rented a golf cart, though their daughter would likely bring up the swimming pool. Joe thought for him, it was the Ocracoke Preservation Society, where he and his father were able to research their Ocracoke ancestry together.

"The thing I like best about Ocracoke is that it's so easygoing," Rebekah said, "You're not rushed around. You can go to any of the coffee shops, etc., and just sit and talk." Ocracoke beckons them and they will surely be returning soon.

About Ocracoke Island Realty:

Ocracoke Island Realty takes pride in its commitment to outstanding customer service, expertly assisting the island's guests and homeowners for more than 30 years. Representing over 300 of Ocracoke's finest properties, the company is the leading provider of vacation rentals and real estate sales services in the area. Famed for its local legends and breathtaking beauty, Ocracoke is a quaint little fishing village and the southernmost of North Carolina's barrier islands. Seasoned with salt air and southern hospitality, the friendly coastal community beckons visitors to experience the singular charms of a village on a sandbar.

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