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We Value Your Feedback!

Submitting a Review

We love to hear about your experience staying in one of our homes! Confirmed guests are invited to sign our Virtual Guestbook on each home's page on our website. In order to keep our site helpful and family-friendly, we ask that all reviews follow these guidelines:

Keep Us Informed

If you have a specific concern during your stay, please reach out to Ocracoke Island Realty directly, either via the Fix-it Form on the app, or by calling us at 877-646-2822 and selecting option 1 for existing reservations. 

We do ask that if something is not right during your stay, that you let us know and give us the opportunity to make it right for you before writing your review.

Keep it Useful

Reviews are posted to help future guests learn more about the homes they are considering renting. We hope you will post information about furnishings, comfort, location, parking and other details that can help someone understand what it is really like to stay in the home. Details about noisy neighbors or a rainy week are a couple examples of comments that are not going to be relevant to future guests.

Keep it Readable

Please don't use ALL CAPS, html tags, abbreviations or slang that may not be understood by all readers. We can't edit your review, so it will either be posted exactly as you submitted it, or we will have to remove it entirely.

Keep it Real

We value your feedback and read each and every review that is submitted, so tell us how you really feel! All reviews are received from our confirmed guests.  Ocracoke Island Realty does not compensate guests for reviews.

Keep it G-rated

Any reviews containing profanity, hate speech, personal insults or threats will not be posted. Please don't leave a review advocating illegal activity, including the prohibited use of fireworks.  If you wouldn't say it  to grandma, please don't post it here.