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This weekend, Ocracoke Island hosted the 3rd Annual Blackbeard’s Pirate Jamboree October 27th-29th.  This event celebrates the maritime history of one of Blackbeard’s favorite hideouts, Ocracoke Island, and the site of his demise 299 years ago. The event planners are already preparing for next year, the 300th anniversary!


The three day event kicked off Friday with a keg tapping at Zillie’s Island Pantry and the Brigands Bazaar, a marketplace of local and regional artisans. 

Friday evening featured a family friendly event offering the opportunity to meet the pirates, enjoy Capt. Jim’s Magic Show and participate in a Blackbeard themed interactive game show hosted by historian and author Kevin Duffus.

Separate from the jamboree but tons of fun, the Ocracoke School Halloween Parade and fundraising Halloween Carnival took place at the Ocracoke School in the afternoon and into the evening.  

Saturday offered a full day of events including a historically accurate Pirate Encampment featuring various re-enactments, exhibits and interactive activities.  Adults and children learned about pirate life, fishing, naval combat and militia life. 


Professional re-enactment teams included the King’s Rangers militia, The Shadow Players, The Canon Crew, The Sword Conservancy, Michelle Murillo, the Colonial Seaport Foundation, and the Beaufort Oars.

The Community Square hosted music by the The Motley Tones.  The Shadow Players provided a swashbuckling interactive show, there was an opportunity to meet Blackbeard and hear his side of the story, and a presentation by historian Kevin Duffus “What Was Blackbeard Doing at Ocracoke?” 


Crowds gathered at Silver Lake Harbor to view The Battle of Ocracoke.   The ships Meka II, skipjack Ada Mae and the Ranger re-created the last hours of Blackbeard and his crew at the hands of Lt. Robert Maynard with swords clashing and cannons blazing. 

Throughout the day visitors browsed the Brigands Bazaar and viewed roving minstrels and sword fighting demonstrations. 

Children participated in trick-or-treating at the Pirate Encampment. 

For the adults, beer gardens took place at Zillie’s, Ocracoke Oyster Company, Ocracoke Bar & Grille and SmacNally’s.  Ocracoke’s new brewery 1718 Brewing featured their brews at the event.

Evening events included the Shadow Players sword fights, Capt. Jim’s Magic Show and a stage show at Ocracoke Oyster Company.

On Sunday morning a Memorial Service took place for those killed in Blackbeard’s last battle.   

The Blackbeard’s Pirate Jamboree weekend concluded with the opportunity to meet the pirates for a lunch at Ocracoke Oyster Company.

Be sure to plan a trip to Ocracoke next year for the 300th Anniversary of Blackbeard’s demise at the Blackbeard’s Pirate Jamboree.  Browse our vacation rental homes and pick out your favorite pirate vacation hideout or give us a call at 855-439-9542.  Our staff is happy to assist you!