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21 Oct 2019
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Ocracoke Business Update - Hurricane Dorian Recovery

Thanks to hard work, strength, generosity and remarkable support, Ocracoke Island is on the road to recovery. Many people are putting in long hours rebuilding Ocracoke’s infrastructure and getting ready to welcome back visitors. Ocracoke Island is loved by many people around the world. We appreciate every message, comment, and kind thought coming from far and wide.  In 2020, we’re coming back stronger than ever!

Every Ocracoke Island business is important to the people who live and visit here. Everyone is working hard to restore Ocracoke’s businesses to their working capacity. We’re very hopeful for a full recovery on Ocracoke Island.

Come to Ocracoke in 2020 and visit your favorite places

Visitors to Ocracoke in 2020 will be pleased to find the majority of restaurants, shops, and galleries open and ready to welcome visitors in the Spring season.

Visiting Ocracoke this Winter

Several shops re-opened in November 2019, just in time for holiday shopping.

Several Ocracoke Island restaurants have now re-opened after Hurricane Dorian.

If you find yourself on Ocracoke in late 2019, you will find abbreviated menus and off-season hours typical of late Fall.

The Ocracoke Observer and Ocracoke Current are keeping us updated on Ocracoke happenings. WOVV Ocracoke Community Radio is broadcasting on the radio and online.

We invite you to visit the Ocracoke Current online for the most up-to-date information found under “What’s Open?” and visit each business’ Facebook page for updates. As Spring approaches, you will find the Ocracoke Current’s annual list of business opening dates.

Thank you for supporting Ocracoke Island’s recovery from Hurricane Dorian.