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How does Ocracoke Island Realty Support the Community?


At Ocracoke Island Realty, our unwavering commitment to our beloved tight-knit island community goes far beyond the conventional duties of our roles as property managers and real estate professionals. It is a profound calling that stems from our genuine love for Ocracoke and the deep-rooted desire to give back in ways that are not only meaningful, but also enduring. This commitment is not merely a choice but a heartfelt duty that we willingly embrace. We understand that our local community is the heartbeat of our existence, and its well-being and prosperity are intricately linked to our own. This understanding drives us to dedicate our time, resources, and energy to support and uplift Ocracoke Island, a place that we hold dear to our hearts.

Through our matching donation program, we wholeheartedly pledge to match every contribution made to crucial local organizations such as the Ocracoke Volunteer Fire Department, Ocracoke Community Park, and Ocracoke Foundation. Our contributions to the Ocracoke Booster Club and WOVV (our local radio station) have played a pivotal role in enhancing the educational experience for our local students, including the establishment of several new sports teams.

5K Blackbeard Run

We hold Ocracoke’s rich heritage in deep regard and actively work to preserve it through generous support for organizations like the Ocracoke Preservation Society and Springer’s Point Nature Preserve. We are also honored to co-sponsor beloved annual community events such as the Pirate Jamboree, Ocracoke Scallywag 5k and Blackbeard 10K, the Memorial Day Fireman’s Ball, and the Ocrafolk Festival, all of which contribute to fostering a strong sense of community and celebrating our unique island culture.

Recognizing the critical role that community service plays in the life of a small community like Ocracoke, we encourage our employees to dedicate their time and effort to a myriad of community projects. Many of our team members volunteer at Ocracoke School, where they coach sports teams and actively engage with the PTA. In addition, our team members are enthusiastic volunteers in organizations such as the Ocracoke Volunteer Fire Department, the Ocracoke United Methodist Church, the Ocracoke Assembly of God, the Ocracoke Island Decoy Carvers Guild, and the Friends of the Library Board.

As the holiday season approaches, our commitment to giving back intensifies. Our Christmas Cheer project is a heartwarming tradition where employees organize fundraisers, and we match the funds raised. We then collaborate with Hyde County Social Services to reach out to families in need, ensuring they can enjoy the holidays. Some of our contributions go to our local Bread of Life Food Pantry at the Assembly of God Church, which also stocks gifts for children in need, as well as delivering thoughtfully wrapped gifts and homemade gift baskets for all age groups.

Christmas Cheer

Over the past couple of years, we embarked on a unique a project—a quilt raffle. This quilt is a features a patchwork of T-shirts generously donated by local businesses. Each shirt on the quilt tells a unique story, representing the thriving local businesses that form the backbone of our community. We’ve seen tremendous support in the past from guests that love to enter the raffle that usually lasts through the summer. 

OIR Quilt

We’re incredibly proud to be an integral part of Ocracoke’s remarkable community and are deeply thankful for the opportunities we have to give back. Our commitment to Ocracoke Island is unwavering, and we eagerly look forward to continuing our tradition of support and service for years to come. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this extraordinary community, and we’re excited about the many more opportunities to make a positive impact together.