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Should You Buy Travel INsurance?

Should you buy travel insurance? The answer is yes. Unexpected events could throw a wrench into even the best planned trips.  Ocracoke Island Realty has partnered with Red Sky Travel Insurance to provide Trip Preserver® coverage for our guests. Here are some reasons why you should purchase travel insurance.


Illness and injury are one of our top filed claims. Suppose you are injured or become sick while on your vacation. Travel insurance may cover your medical expenses for an ambulance ride and/or a life flight. Unexpected situations happen all the time. If sickness, injury, or death occurs to you, a family member, a traveling companion, or a service animal while you are on vacation, trip interruption insurance could reimburse you for the portion of the trip you missed and may even help you return home. Trip insurance could reimburse you for non-refundable trip costs if it happens before your trip.

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Everyone wants nice weather on vacation. Looking forward to enjoying the beach with no worries. Nor’easters can shut down the roads on the Outer Banks and shut the ferries down. Hurricane-caused mandatory evacuations can close the island.  Both situations could lead to travel delays or cancellation of your trip altogether. Trip insurance may cover up to $200 per day for expenses related to trip delays such as hotel accommodations and meals. Trip insurance may also cover your primary residence in the event it is rendered uninhabitable by a natural disaster.

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Not everyone has roadside assistance. With the purchase of travel insurance, you could have peace of mind while traveling to your vacation destination. When traveling 50 miles or more from your home and are in a vehicle registered to you, the following services could be available: towing assistance, flat tire assistance, lock-out assistance, battery services, collision assistance, and fuel/oil/water delivery service.


Red Sky was founded on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, so they know the challenges that can happen in coastal destinations. We recommend purchasing travel insurance with your initial deposit as coverage restrictions may apply when purchasing after your first payment. Trip insurance cannot be purchased after your reservation is paid in full. Protect your investment and have peace of mind by purchasing travel protection.

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Now that we’ve explained the importance of traveler’s insurance, visit our website to find the perfect rental and make sure you opt-in to purchase the insurance! Search for our complete listings here. We hope to see you soon!