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31 Jul 2019
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Ocracoke Island is the perfect place for family vacations. With an amazing variety of family activities, there are so many things to see and do with the people you love. Follow our guide to the top family activities on Ocracoke Island and you’re sure to find something new and exciting to do.

Ocracoke Island Realty Top 5 Family Activities
1. Blackbeard Exhibit on Ocracoke

A little known fact about Ocracoke Island is that Blackbeard the pirate spent many of his days ashore. He found that the island was the perfect hideaway from authorities, and an ideal place to ambush passing ships. He spent much of his time down on Springer’s Point south of what is now downtown Ocracoke. Blackbeard’s real name was Edward Teach, and there’s a place on Springer’s point known as Teach’s Hole, which marks where he died. A different Teach’s Hole, which lies just a mile away, is a small exhibit dedicated to the fearsome pirate. Take the kids to the exhibit to see all kinds of cool pirate stuff from the days when Blackbeard himself ruled over Ocracoke Island. Entrance is just four dollars per person, and is totally worth the visit. If it’s a fun educational experience for kids that you’re looking for, the Blackbeard Exhibit at Teach’s Hole is for you!

Ocracoke Island Realty Top 5 Family Activities
2. Ocracoke Fishing

Book a family fishing trip on Ocracoke Island to catch some fish, learn about local wildlife, and enjoy a day out on the water. Call up one of the many fishing charters based out of Ocracoke. Kids will love spending a day on the ocean and of course, the excitement of catching a big fish. The local fishing guides know the best spots and top techniques that will practically guarantee you’ll catch some fish! Call up a local guide, and take the kids fishing on your Ocracoke vacation!

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Ocracoke Island Realty Top 5 Family Activities3. Kayak Ocracoke Island

For the more adventurous families out there, consider renting some kayas to explore Ocracoke island from the sea! Ride the Wind, a watersports rental company, offers kayak rentals at a reasonable price, But perhaps their best option is their tour packages. They offer all sorts of different guided adventures that are a guaranteed hit with the kids. Some of the favorite tours include a sunrise tour, a sunset tour, and even a full moon tour that embarks only three nights per month. Tour guides are knowledgeable on safety and are great tour guides for the area. They give all sorts of interesting tidbits of Ocracoke history, including the pirate history on the island - which the kids will love! Spend a family day on the water with Ride the Wind!

Ocracoke Island Realty Top 5 Family Activities4. Hang out at Lifeguard Beach

Ocracoke Island has a lot of coastline, which means a lot of beaches to choose from for your family vacation. But if you’re looking for a beautiful beach that’s perfect for kids, Lifeguard beach is the spot for you. The beach has the characteristic beauty of the Outer Banks, but it is the only beach with a lifeguard on the entire island. The beach can get a little crowded so be sure to grab a spot earlier in the day. Despite the crowds, this awesome beach is perfect for kids and totally worth a visit!

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Ocracoke Biking

5. Take a Bike Ride on Ocracoke

One of the best ways to get around Ocracoke Island is by bike. The island is very bike friendly with plenty of paths going around the town and island. Rent a bike through Beach Outfitters located in the town of Ocracoke. They have bikes for all sizes, so rest assured your kids will find a bike that they can fall in love with. Many people enjoy riding bikes through Ocracoke Village and to the beach, which are both beautiful and relaxing rides. Riding bikes is a great way to get the kids outdoors in a fun way during your stay on Ocracoke Island!

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Family Fun on Ocracoke

Ocracoke Island is packed with all sorts of kid friendly activities. Follow our guide and there’s no way that you’ll get bored during your time on the island. Explore our selection of vacation rentals that are the perfect home base in between all your adventures. From condos, homes with pools, and pet friendly rentals, and more, we have it all. We look forward to hosting you on Ocracoke Island!

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