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Springer’s Point – NC Coastal Land Trust Preserve

Springer's Point - NC Coastal Land Trust Preserve
ENJOY BIRDING, HIKING, AND OCRACOKE’S NATURAL BEAUTY Springer’s Point, located near Ocracoke Village, is a beautiful nature preserve with great trails, birdwatching, and natural coastline. Open to the public, Springer’s Point Preserve offers more than 120 acres of maritime forest, tidal red cedar forest, salt marsh, tidal ponds, grasslands, and a sound front beach. Both residents and guests of Ocracoke Island are fortunate to share in the beauty of the Springer’s Point Preserve.

PRESERVE OCRACOKE’S NATURAL HERITAGE Designated as one of the state’s significant natural heritage areas, Springer’s Point is home to a unique maritime forest and important to coastal birds. A half mile trail takes you past gnarled ancient live oaks and thru the maritime forest to the water’s edge. Along the trail, visitors will pass an old well, the only remains of a former home site. Sam Jones, who once owned the property, is buried at Springer’s Point along with his horse.

GETTING TO SPRINGER’S POINT Springer’s Point is close to the center of Ocracoke Village, but parking is not available at the preserve, so please plan to travel to Springer’s Point Preserve by foot, bicycle, or park at one of the designated parking lots on Lighthouse Road.

SUPPORT THE NORTH CAROLINA COASTAL LAND TRUST The North Carolina Coastal Land Trust enriches the coastal communities of North Carolina through the acquisition of open space and natural areas for conservation, education and the promotion of good land stewardship.

The Springer’s Point Preserve was the dream of many. Overwhelming community support and donations from individuals and organizations have enabled the Coastal Land Trust to complete maritime forest restoration work, hire a local Preserve Steward, and open the Preserve to the public.

We encourage you to visit the Coastal Land Trust’s website to learn more about Springer’s Point and consider making a donation.