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The Most Pet Friendly Spots on Ocracoke Island

Ocracoke Island, tucked away off North Carolina’s coast, is more than just a scenic retreat—it’s a welcoming haven for pets and their owners. 

This island paradise invites you and your furry friends to enjoy a wide range of activities, eat at friendly spots, and relax in places where pets are more than just allowed; they’re celebrated. From the historic and lush trails of Springer’s Point Preserve to the fun and lively atmosphere of Kitty Hawk Kites, there’s no shortage of adventures for you and your pet. 

This guide highlights the best pet-friendly places to make sure both you and your pets have the time of your lives enjoying the fresh catch of the day with a view at SMacNally’s, or whatever you feel like doing. At Ocracoke Island, every moment is an opportunity for you and your pet to make lasting memories.


Springer’s Point Preserve




Springer’s Point Preserve on Ocracoke Island is a peaceful retreat that welcomes both people and their pets with open arms. Covering about 120 acres, this spot is a blend of coastal beauty, dense maritime forests, and sprawling salt marshes. It’s the perfect place for taking long walks with your furry friend, with trails winding through the lush landscape and leading to breathtaking views of the Pamlico Sound. 

The paths are clearly marked, making it easy and safe for pets and their owners to explore together. Dogs need to be on a leash, but that doesn’t stop them from enjoying the natural surroundings and the fresh, salty air.

Adding to the charm of Springer’s Point Preserve is its intriguing history. It’s rumored to have been a favorite spot of the legendary pirate Blackbeard, adding a layer of mystery to your visit as you walk along paths filled with stories of the past. 

The preserve is also a haven for wildlife, especially bird species, providing a wonderful opportunity for pets and owners to experience the island’s natural inhabitants up close. With its dedication to preserving the environment while welcoming pets, Springer’s Point Preserve is an ideal destination for those wanting to enjoy the outdoors with their four-legged companions on Ocracoke Island.


Ocracoke Beach 



Visiting Ocracoke Beach with your pet is like stepping into a serene world, where the beauty of untamed shores and the joy of companionship merge into one unforgettable experience. Spanning an expansive coastline, Ocracoke Beach offers a unique blend of soft sands, gentle ocean waves, and unspoiled landscapes that create the perfect backdrop for memorable walks with your four-legged friends.

As you wander along the beach, the paths are welcoming and safe, perfectly accommodating for adventurers of both the two-legged and four-legged variety. All pets should be kept on a leash, ensuring a pleasant experience for everyone. This small courtesy allows pets to relish in the wonders of the beach—sniffing the salty breeze and trotting along the water’s edge, all while keeping safe and sound.

The area is a sanctuary for diverse wildlife, particularly bird species, enabling pets and their owners to engage with the island’s wildlife in the most respectful and intimate manner. This commitment to maintaining a balance between welcoming pets and preserving the natural habitat makes Ocracoke Beach an unmatched destination for pet owners wishing to explore the outdoors alongside their animals.


Places to Eat


SMacNally’s Raw Bar & Grill


If you’re a pet owner that loves to dine out with your furry friend, you’ll find visiting SMacNally’s Raw Bar & Grill an exciting prospect. Situated right on the waterfront of Silver Lake, this bar offers a laid-back, open-air seating area where both you and your pets can enjoy the stunning harbor views together. 

Since opening its doors in 1999, SMacNally’s has become a beloved spot for its fresh seafood, juicy burgers, and friendly atmosphere. It’s clear they’ve put thought into making sure pets and their owners feel welcome and comfortable. 

Here, it’s all about sharing great food in a relaxed setting where every guest, pets included, is treated like family. If you’ve spent the day exploring with your pet or you’re just looking to enjoy the unique Ocracoke vibe, SMacNally’s is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a meal. It’s a standout choice for pet lovers who don’t want to compromise on quality food or a welcoming environment.


Dajio Restaurant


Dajio Restaurant is another inviting spot for those of us who love to dine with our dogs by our side. Dajio Restaurant, sitting in the heart of Ocracoke Village, offers a creative spin on Southern favorites, drawing locals and tourists alike. 

This spot shines with its homemade dishes, celebrating fresh local seafood and high-quality ingredients. Picture sitting down to a meal here: you might start with their famous burger, loaded with white cheddar, bacon jam, and a kick of candied jalapeños, or perhaps the seared scallops, resting on a bed of creamy corn maux choux, all brought together with a drizzle of Meyer lemon beurre blanc.

But Dajio is more than just great food. It’s about the experience. With both cozy indoor dining and a relaxed outdoor patio, it invites you to sit back under the sun or stars. Dogs are allowed on both deck areas as well as in the bar area.

The place buzzes with live music on many nights, adding to the vibrant atmosphere. Open for lunch, dinner, and a unique Shrimp Hour, it’s a place where you can drop by without a reservation and find something amazing waiting for you.

Visitors often rave about not just the food but the whole vibe – the warm welcome, the attentive service, and the cozy, friendly setting make it a standout. It’s a spot you’ll want to return to, whether for a special date night or a casual meal with friends. With its combination of top-notch dishes, inviting ambience, and soulful music, Dajio offers an experience that’s hard to forget.


Ocracoke Oyster Company


Ocracoke Oyster Company is a friendly haven for pets and their owners, setting the stage for a perfect dining experience on Ocracoke Island. With its prime location that captures the island’s laid-back charm, this spot offers an inviting outdoor seating area where dogs can chill right beside their humans. 

The menu is a celebration of the freshest seafood around, featuring everything from oysters straight from the sea to their mouth-watering seafood platters, ensuring there’s a delicious bite for every taste. The vibe here is casual and welcoming, with the staff making sure everyone, including those with paws, feels right at home. 

They even have water bowls dotted around to keep your furry friends hydrated while you tuck into your meal. What makes Ocracoke Oyster Company really stand out is its mix of fantastic food, a warm atmosphere, and the beautiful views of Ocracoke Island. It’s more than just a place to eat; it’s where you create lasting memories, share stories over good food, and everyone, no matter how many legs they have, is treated like part of the family.


Tips For Vacationing with a Pet on Ocracoke Island



Get Ready for the Ferry


Getting here usually means taking a ferry, so prep your pet for the ride. Pets can come aboard on leashes or in carriers. Keep them comfy and hydrated, especially if it’s hot. A good idea is to show up early to let your pet stretch its legs before you board, as the trip can take a while depending on where you’re coming from. Remember that the boat decks are as hot or hotter than the pavement so be careful with your pets paws.


Hit the Pet-friendly Beaches


Ocracoke’s beaches are stunning, and better yet, they’re pet-friendly. Your pet can tag along on the beach as long as it’s on a leash no longer than 10 feet. Bring along essentials like water, a bowl, and bags to pick up after your pet. Try hitting the beach early in the morning or later in the afternoon to dodge the hottest part of the day.


Check Out Outdoor Fun


There’s more to do than just beach time. Wander through the village to check out cool historic spots and maybe grab a bite at outdoor, pet-friendly spots. There are also great trails and paths for more scenic walks that’ll give your pet some exciting new smells and sights.


Pack the Essentials


Don’t forget to pack all your pet’s must-haves, like food, any medications, and their favorite toys. A pet first aid kit is also a smart move, and it’s good to know where the nearest vet is, just in case. Make sure your pet’s tags have your current contact info, and you might even add a temporary tag with your vacation details.


Respect the Local Wildlife and Rules


Ocracoke is full of awesome wildlife and natural beauty. Keep your pet leashed and under control to keep both the local critters and your buddy safe. Stick to the pet rules in public spots to make sure everyone, furry or not, has a great time.


Vacation with Ocracoke Island Realty

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