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NC State Representative Contacts for Road and Ferry Issues

The NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT) identified adverse weather conditions as the causative factor for the overwash and repetitive closure of Highway 12, including the Hatteras Ferry operations. Despite the difficulties faced by residents and visitors, the current infrastructural and natural constraints have resulted in a significant bottleneck. The situation underscores a critical need for both immediate and long-term strategic planning to address these recurring challenges.

Below are the links to legislators who control the funding for the DOT which includes the Ferry Division.  Please reach out to any and all with input and support for our Board of Commissioners and County Manager.

NCGA Contacts of Ferry Budget  
Ocracoke RepresentativeKeith
Ocracoke SenatorNorman
House Appropriations Committee ChairDean
House Appropriations Committee ChairDonny
House Appropriations Committee ChairJason
House Transportation Appropriations ChairPhil
House Transportation Appropriations ChairFrank
Senate Appropriations/Base Budget ChairsRalph
Senate Appropriations/Base Budget ChairsBrent
Senate Appropriations/Base Budget ChairsMichael
Senate Transportation Appropriations ChairsMichael
Senate Transportation Appropriations ChairsTom McInnistom.mcinnis@ncleg/gov
Senate Transportation Appropriations ChairsVickie
Others of Importance:  
Board of Transportation District 1 RepresentativeAllen
NC Secertary of TransportationEric