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Driving on the beach is a special part about visiting Ocracoke Island. To help you get out on the beach with your truck, we’ve included relevant information on how to easily obtain a beach driving permit. Feel the freedom of Ocracoke’s open beaches from your car.


If you have a four wheel drive vehicle, you can avoid lugging over a ton of stuff for a day of fun in the sun.

There are two types of ORV permits are available: a 10-day permit and an annual permit valid for one year from date of purchase. The process is very simple, and permits can be purchased online

In preparation for getting your permit, be sure you have:

  • your driver’s license,
  • your vehicle registration,
  • form of payment (charge card or cash),
  • and last year’s permit (if available, for the in-person process).

Two types of permits are available for purchase. They are

  • a 10-day Permit ($50, valid for 10 consecutive days),
  • or an Annual Permit ($120, valid for one year from date of purchase).


**If you are unable to print your permit, you must fill out a self-certification form and display it on your dashboard and have an electronic copy of your permit proof of purchase available on a smartphone or other electronic device.

Self-certification cards are available outside of the National Park Service Discovery Center and Tradewinds Tackle shop.

 If you prefer not to drive over even if you do have four-wheel drive, Ocracoke provides various parking areas along with a Lifeguard Beach (lifeguards staffed Memorial Day-Labor Day) that has restrooms and a shower to rinse off.