Rentals by Type


At Ocracoke Island Realty we understand that your home on Ocracoke is more than just an investment property – it is an investment in the community and an investment of love for the Island. Every day we walk a fine line between maximizing your rental income and taking care of your home.


Our experienced staff visits each home to get a feel for the space, the location, and amenities offered so that they will be able to best match potential guests to your home. By knowing your home, and asking the right questions we are able to manage expectations and match each guest with the vacation home that will best meet their needs and desires. By taking that time on the front end to ask those specific questions, we aim to avoid unexpected issues when the guest arrives to the island.


As the Island’s largest and most experienced real estate, vacation rental, and property management company, we know Ocracoke better than anyone. Every home we manage is cared for individually, to ensure that your guests have everything they need for a relaxing and carefree family getaway.


Through modern advertising, proactive maintenance, and quality housekeeping we work to build long term relationships with both our homeowners and our guests. We use today’s technology to work smarter not harder and adapt our practices to provide each guest and owner with an individually managed experience. Our lead management system combined with our varied marketing platform helps us keep guests coming back year after year and generation after generation. These repeat guests, we find, come to consider your home their home away from home and in so doing take care of it as if it were their own.


Our Professional Staff Will:

  • Become familiar with your home so as to be able to personally answer questions about it
  • Create your property webpage and manage amenities and update photos as needed
  • Handle your guests and their reservations from start to finish
  • Provide 24/7 emergency coverage for you and your guests
  • Report and Manage any necessary repairs in a professional manner
  • Address any guest issues quickly and professionally
  • Make rate and amenity recommendations to help you get the most from your rental experience
  • Follow the rules and regulations of the North Carolina Real Estate Commission
  • Collect and disburse NC Sales taxes and Hyde County Occupancy Taxes on your behalf
  • Inspect all smoke detectors and CO2 detectors annually, and replace if needed
  • Communicate with you via our Homeowner Newsletter on a monthly basis
  • Assist in winterizing your home at the end of the season
  • Arrange for needed spring cleanings each year so as to keep your home in top shape
  • Communicate consistently with you through Hurricane evacuations and recoveries, and other unexpected events
  • Offer and recommend travel insurance to your guests to protect their vacation and your income
  • Go the extra mile for you and your guests each and every day


Thank you for considering Ocracoke Island Realty for your property management needs. We are more than just a real estate company, we are Ocracoke residents who care about our homeowners and who invest in our community. Every member of our team shares a dedication and enthusiasm for outstanding customer service, and we look forward to working with you to ensure quality care of your Home-Away-From-Home and provide the long-lasting relationship you desire.