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CNN recently wrote an article on the 7 waterfront towns worth a closer look and it’s no surprise that Ocracoke Island made the list!


Ocracoke Island is a small coastal village with miles of unspoiled beach, surrounded by natural beauty and wildlife. We also have Ocracoke’s favorite residents, the Ocracoke Ponies. The ponies are fenced and protected by the National Park Service, and often graze close to the viewing platform early morning and late evenings. In the 1950’s the local boy scouts rode the ponies and became the only mounted Boy Scout troop in the history of Boy Scouts of America.


There are an abundance of things to do on Ocracoke Island. We have shops and restaurants a plenty for our three square mile village. Some restaurants are on the water, others tucked throughout the village, but all of them have good eats. New this year is a Makers Market, once a week, on the Wahab Lawn down on the harbor. The booths vary each week but there are offerings of fresh produce, local art, specialty foods, and music. This seems to be a hit among visitors and locals alike. Be sure to check out our Facebook page for postings of which day of the week this event occurs.

Ocracoke Island is truly a remarkable place, welcoming all who wish to experience natural coastal beauty. If you’re looking for an Ocracoke Island vacation rental, or have questions about our area, be sure to contact the experts at Ocracoke Island Realty, we look forward to seeing you soon!