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31 May 2020
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Beach Driving in the Cape Hatteras National Seashore including Ocracoke

Visitors to Ocracoke that will be driving their off-road vehicle on the beach are required to obtain an Off-Road Vehicle Use Permit from the National Park Service.

*At the present time, the National Park Service office on Ocracoke is not open.

Save time by obtaining an online ORV Permit in advance of your arrival.

Spend more time on the beach! Obtain your Permit and Proof of Permit prior to leaving home for vacation. 

*Please disregard any postings that you may see regarding obtaining a permit at the Ocracoke Visitor’s Center. That service is not available at this time.

To obtain a permit online, visit the Cape Hatteras ORV Permit page at

Steps to obtain an online permit:

  1. Go to the Cape Hatteras ORV Permit page on
  2. Fill out the online application  
  3. Print the permit and proof-of-permit and place them in your vehicle.  ** As an alternative, the National Park Service will honor a screenshot or email maintained on a phone that is available in the vehicle **
  4. The website contains rules, regulations, frequently asked questions and other good to know information.

Two types of permits are available for purchase:

  • 10-day Permit ($50, valid for 10 consecutive days),
  • Annual Permit ($120, valid for one year from date of purchase).

Each vehicle must have its own permit.

Remember to have the phone with the screen shot of the permit or email in the vehicle or keep the paper permit in the glove box of your permitted vehicle and the proof-of-permit sticker clearly visible on your windshield.

Did you forget to obtain an ORV Pass?

Go online to obtain a permit. Screen shot the permit and maintain the email. If you prefer a paper permit, Ocracoke Island Realty offers our guests access to a printer, if required. We suggest obtaining and printing your permit in advance of your arrival.  Spend more time having fun!

Planning your next Ocracoke Vacation

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