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300th Anniversary of the Battle at Ocracoke
300th Anniversary of the Battle at Ocracoke - Remembering Lt. Maynard. The Royal Navy, under the command of 1st Lt. Robert Maynard, defeated the pirate Blackbeard in the waters off Ocracoke Island.

To talk about the The Castle on Silver Lake you have to begin with the story of the man behind the building.  Samuel G Jones was born in the year 1893, on the mainland in Hyde County a native of Swan Quarter.  He dropped out...

British Cemetery Ceremony

2016 Ocracoke British Cemetery Ceremony Friday, May 13th at 11:00

During World War II, German U-boats traveled along the Eastern Seaboard. The United States accepted assistance from the British Royal Navy, who helped patrol coastal waters.

In May 1942, HMS Bedfordshire was destroyed by German submarine U-558...